Wednesday, December 5, 2007

School religion

Did we all evolve from monkeys? Did the "intelligent agent"� create the universe in six days, also known as the intelligent design? Which one do you believe? Better yet, which theory should be taught in school? This topic has been a controversial issue in public schools all over the U.S; and is still up for debate. There have been numerous trials all over the U.S to choose what theory should be taught, but of course everyone has their own opinion and their entitled to it.

The evolution theory says complex creatures evolve from more simplistic ancestors naturally overtime. Basically Darwin's theory of evolution is that humans evolved from monkeys. Many people believe the theory of evolution and that it should be taught in schools. Yet it conflicts with some religions like Christianity. Christians believe that God created the universe, animals, and man in six days. For non-believers, I understand how this could be a real hard concept to grasp. Most Christians believe this and it's known as creationism. However, due to the fact of non-religion in schools, people object to creationism being taught.
The intelligent design says that an "intelligent agent" created the universe, known as the intelligent design. This is indeed like creationism without religious beliefs. (The intelligent agent being God and the intelligent design being the creation.) In many public schools this theory is not allowed because it extends from religion. Religion is not allowed in public schools; therefore most public schools in the U.S learn Darwin's theory of evolution.

Personally, I believe in creationism because of my strong Christian faith. I am taught at my place of worship that God created the heavens, the earth, the sun, the moon, the stars, and the animals and everything that is in the world. I strongly believe this but I do not enforce my beliefs on anyone else because they have the right to believe what they want, but it would be against my religion to believe in Darwin's theory of evolution. Scientist argues that creationism is not science and cannot be tested.

Darwin’s theory can be tested an evaluated in numerous ways that's why it is taught in school and not creationism. That is why I disagree with creationism being taught in school because it is religion and not science. I do however think that it should be mentioned and brought up because neither of the two is 100% proven. Teaching and learning about something doesn't force you to believe in it. You can learn about something but not agree with it at least you'll understand the two.

In conclusion I believe that both evolution and intelligent design should be taught in schools. Some people will believe in creationism and learning about evolution does not change or sway my beliefs. Personally I think this is a religious matter and it all boils down to your own beliefs, morals, teachings, and upbringing. I understand that it conflicts with people's beliefs, however everyone has the right to their own opinion but needs to keep and open mind.

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